Wellness - spring water

You won’t find a comprehensive list of all kinds of traditional Spa and fitness facilities here.

Although there are certain accommodations in the neighborhood, we want to focus on the inner wellness.

Spring water

FdP has its own natural spring with living water.

The full supply and distribution of water over the terrain is done directly from the source.

Even the pool is filled with this spring water.


With the purchase of our land in 2003, the presence of the natural source caused more problems than that it was employed in a useful way.

Since the terrain in previous centuries was used for olive and fruit trees, this source was vital for the survival of the trees and was fully exploited.

After a lot of work in recent years, canalization, mechanize, filtering, distribution, etc. we now have an asset which, in this environment, is actually invaluable.

Where does drinking water come from?

a) Surface or well water.

This water is usually affected by acid rain, heavy metals, nitrite and excess inorganic minerals, in short dry remainders.

The term well water is often wrongly used as spring water and it's actually wellbore water that is pumped to the surface and has nothing to do with natural spring water.

b) natural spring water

A source in the real sense of the word is a mountain with a space inside. The water seeps through the mountain rock. Here, the water gets its minerals, trace elements and high purity. The water then naturally comes to the surface, ripe and suitable for consumption.

This is the case with FdP spring water.

Often, the word source used incorrectly and has actually has nothing to do with a mountain.

What happens to the drinking water

a) drinking water is treated to be bacteriological sterile, in other words death. This is done in order to extend the shelf life and comes at the expense of the energy level.

There are several ways to treat drinking water:

  • chemical products
  • ultraviolet waves
  • microwaves

By this treatment the energy value of the treated water becomes zero.

b) FdP water is an untreated water and has a lot of benefits.

In fact we speak better of natural mineral water.

Definition natural mineral water

Of course (source) mineral water distinguishes itself clearly from just drinking water by the natural composition, characterized by the mineral content, trace elements or other constituents.

Mineral water is water that contains minerals which change the taste or give the water a therapeutic value. Salts, sulfur compounds and gases are examples of substances that are dissolved in the water.

Traditional mineral waters would be used or consumed at their source. At these sources were often spas, however, people bathed in the water more than that the water was consumed.

The direct access to the water is still rare and is often impossible due to the definition of the appropriate source for commercial reclamation and treatment.

Therefor mineral water has a limited shelf life, it is impossible to distribute the water untreated as with most traditional producers of mineral water.

What is the advantage of the FdP water

FdP: untreated water and pure water.

Water is a living organism like plants, animals and humans. Water without treatment, preserves the natural energy of the source from which it occurs.

The energy value of treated water is = 0.

FdP water activates our organs.

Because we consist out of 75% water, the treated water drains energy out of our body. Hence the fatigue after taking a bath in tap water.

FdP water undergoes no chemical processing in contrast to most other (source) water.

FdP water is only mechanically purified. Because the water is calcareous, all water in the guest rooms is softened, in such a way that it also when using very pleasant and smooth.

FdP provides bottled water upon request. It comes directly from the source without water softening.

Because this living water, it is perishable and it’s also freshly bottled for direct consumption.

It retains its natural energy from the source.

Living water or oxygenated water. Living water helps to make it easier to drink and activates your organs.

Better health with the FdP water.

  • Lowers cholesterol and uric acids.
  • Better absorption of nutrition, nutritional supplements and herbs.
  • Increases the resistance and works stress reducing.
  • Rejuvenates the skin by its exceptional softness and energy.
  • Cleanses the body by its neutral acidity.
  • Improves blood flow and nutrition of cells, bones, muscles and lymph.
  • You offer a natural vitality by its high energy value.


Oxygenated water

If the body has insufficient oxygen, it is unable to remove the toxins. The waste residues remain in the body and lead to a worse functioning. That can manifest itself in fatigue, digestive problems, joint inflammation, disease, depression and an accelerated aging process.

Oxygenated water keeps the cells clean and supple, it burns food and cleans up waste products.

FdP water has a greater energy value than the human body.

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